Do you know how money affects your relationship? Too many people live on loans and keep drowning in debts, they have knowingly or maybe unknowingly become a slave to money. Today every person’s financial obligations can be too much. But when you understand the facts you can find a way to become free from debt and experience a sense of financial freedom. 

Do an analysis of your current status:

  • Are you a slave to money or do you feel?
  • Do you enjoy life? EMI's can affects your Life and health (your DNA can be changed)
  • Are you happy in life or are you burdened with EMI's (do you live your life based on credit cards and loans)?
  • Do you manage your money well or are you being limited because of financial commitments?
  • What are your financial priorities right now (do you need to get out of loans or need to save money)?
  • Are you spending wisely and are you self-disciplined in your financial decisions (do you overspend)?
  • Do you feel that you lack money and you are running after money?
  • Have you lost my consciousness and become a slave to money? 

Don’t be depressed; accept the fact if you don’t like some of your own answers! If you are in a mess, financially speaking, it may take a while to make the changes. But make up your mind because financial freedom is important. You need to overcome your mindset regarding money matters. 

You should not spend money without thinking, without planning or based on your feelings.