When it comes  to alcohol addiction it is important to realize that your actions will dictate  whether or not your life changes for better .You can read a thousand articles, or books and agree with every word you read but ensure you do something about your alcohol problem or nothing will change in your life. The good news however, is that the action you take need not be difficult to do nor call for a major change in your life. So here are some tips for quitting alcohol this New Year.

1. Do not keep alcohol at home or work

For some people it might seem very hard at first but after a couple of weeks it will seem more natural to have healthy food and drink choices around your living environment. Do not underestimate the power of “Out of the sight, out of the Mind”.

Do not keep Alcohol at home

2. Do not skip meal

Perhaps the most important tip, as it simply opens the doors for alcohol abuse. Eating 3-4 healthy meals gives the body necessary nutrients, it also helps you to look, feel good and you will have a less desire of drinking alcohol when your stomach is full of food.

Do not skip meal

3. Don’t be powerless

Do not talk, think or act as if you are powerless before the addiction. Alcohol is powerless before you and not vice versa as 12 steps programs make you believe. Remember no dink or drug can enter your body without your approval. So do not allow yourself to fall to the victim mentality of being powerless to alcohol because it is simply a ready made excuse to keep drinking

4.  Don’t lose hope

Do not make one mistake ruin your resolve, the things in life that are truly worth having are things that take little efforts, even if you have tried and failed a 1000 times, its imperative that you try yet again and keep trying until you get what you want. No matter how small the step you need to take, there has to be something that you can do today to reduce your addiction to alcohol.Find that one thing that you can do today to cut back on your drinking, and then just do it.

5.  Healthy diet

There are people who put the best oil and gas in the car and yet put the worse things in their body and then they say why are not we happy or healthy or think clearly or suddenly getting old.Proper nutrition is the key weapon  to combat alcoholism, start eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, preferably organic and stay away from fast food, processed food and other junk that most people eats. The healthier your diet is, the less you will feel to put alcohol in your body.

6. Exercise

A moderate exercise program can and will make a dramatic difference in how you feel and look, it’s really quite amazing, the more exercise, the less desire you have to drink alcohol.If you have not exercised for a while, then start of slowly but it is important that you do start. Fresh air and sunshine are great weapons against the temptation to drink alcohol.

7. Remember the pain caused by alcohol

Do remember the damage alcohol abuse caused in your life. Do not dwell on the past mistakes but remember the bad times caused by alcohol because this will help you to develop the resolve to “never go down that lane again”, learn from your mistakes and vow to yourself to never let alcohol ruin your life again.

8. Remove sugar from your diet

Do recognize that a sugar addiction is often combined with an alcohol addiction. If you are addicted to sugar, your body is getting it from a variety of sources including alcohol. So what you think is a temptation to drink alcohol, is just your body craving sugar. When you eliminate sugar and sweets from your diet, you will soon find out that your cravings for alcohol have also been dramatically reduced.

9. Drink water

Getting g the habit of drinking at least 3-4 glass of water each day, as your body does need water for almost every action it takes.you can survive for weeks without food,but only a few days without water.Remember only water is water,coffee, tea,soda,juice does not count , plus what many people think a desire to drink alcohol, is often instead their bodies craving water.drinking plenty of water everyday will reduce your desire for alcohol.

10.  Be thankful 

Be thankful for the many blessings that you already possess. It was alcohol induced stupor that prevented you from clearly seeing your blessings before. The more you recover from your past alcohol abuse the more your mind will begin to clear and you will start to appreciate all of what you have been given and all of that you can still do with your life.