Have you ever been to a bar, and seen someone really hot, but they always look like they're drinking? Ever wondered how they are that way even though they're pounding down the alcohol and still look so good, while you're working your back off in the gym, and still have that extra fat!

Here are some smart drinking tips:

Switch with water: After each drink, have a glass of water. It will help to fill you up, so you drink less empty calories. Alcohol dehydrates your body. With lack of water, your metabolism slows down, so you burn fewer calories. So, hydrate yourself with water.Eat less before the party: No, don't starve. But if your intention of hitting the bar is to get tipsy, then you should eat less before drinking. That way, fewer drinks will get you tipsy. Fewer drinks means fewer calories.

Equate to workout: Before you order your next round of alcohol, try to think about how much work it would take to burn it off! to burn a 100 calories, an average person has to jog about 1.5 kms. A glass of red wine is about a 100 calories. Now, you want to order another 4?!

Beat the pressure: Your friends will pressure you to drink, but be stronger than that. Your friends will understand.

Be a poser: If being strong doesn't work, order a drink that looks like alcohol. Like a dark cola with a slice of lime, or a aerated soda with a squirt of lime. No harm in posing when its good for health!