Erectile dysfunction is known as impotence earlier. Men suffering from this ailment cannot obtain an erection and also could not perform satisfactorily during sex. Though it can happen at any stage or any age, men aged above 65 suffer from this ailment. With your old age, you need not have to worry about this as you can achieve a lot of stimulation by touching and caressing that will help in achieving the erection and enjoy the sex. Many men might feel awkward to talk about this to the doctor but still, it is advisable to talk to their doctor. The doctor will start quizzing you about your problem and also perform a physical exam on you. They will also analyse your urine and blood to check for any disorders as well as diseases. He will also provide you with a list of remedies to overcome this problem.

Until recently, it is believed that there is no proper cure for Erectile Dysfunction. But of late, they have different varieties of remedies that can be tried upon. Finnish studies prove that when you have plenty of sex it will prevent this problem. When a man has regular sex, it will minimize or nullifies the problem of erectile dysfunction. When you have regular sexual activity, it will preserve the standard of erectile function down the line. No doubt, this is the quickest as well as the easiest way of remedying your erectile disorder. Other than this,when you intake natural herbal supplements that come with organic components will remedy your problem. When you take herbal supplements you will also get proteins, iron, phosphorous, calcium, etc. which will keep your body healthy and also provide an aphrodisiac effect. 

Whatever be the cause, it is ideal to consult your doctor and get remedies prescribed by them instead of you doing it on your own. Some times hormone replacement therapy will also help you achieve the erection that you want. Apart from this, regular exercising, walking, jogging or playing a sport also improves your cardio-vascular rate which will provide a good effect on your erectile disorder. Though you take medications, it is also important to take psychological counseling which will help you in negating Erectile Dysfunction.  

When you want the best results, it is advisable to go for psychological counseling as well as take herbal medicine. Herbal medicines always provide you with the much-needed result you want without any side effects.