It’s natural to be nervous about your first date. But here is the secret - there are a few key things that definitely work as turn-ons for both sexes. Go with these and you can’t go wrong. Men and women are attracted to each other’s smiles and mouths. It’s where the eyes travel if there is a kiss blooming on the horizon. Here is how to win over the heart of your date…

Teeth Whitening

Put some time and effort in planning for your first date. Set an appointment with a dentist and have those teeth whitened. Smokers tend to have discolored or yellowish teeth. A quick whitening session at the dentist’s will solve that problem. So when you flash that smile around, your date is bound to notice those pearly whites.

Oral Care

We tend to be sensitive to bad odor. Bad breath is one of the biggest turn offs whether it’s your first date or not. On your first date,be sure to brush with agood fluoride toothpaste, rinse your mouth out with mouthwash and carry a few breath mints in your wallet in case of that intimate moment or a bad food choice.

Foods to Avoid

Many times in the thrill and excitement of the moment we don’t stop and consider the ill effects of foods that might taste delicious. For instance..

  • Garlic bread is one of those foods to avoid on your first date. It leaves a nasty unpleasant odor in your mouth. When talking to your date, I think they would be grateful if you avoid blowing fumes of garlic up their nose.
  • Raw onions-another big no no! Onion breath can tend to last for a day if not dealt with properly as soon as possible. Consider this before your date and while you are on your date. For those sweet moments before saying goodbye in the car, or if there is a morning after, you don’t want onion breath to be a part of it.
  • When choosing food, avoid foods that contain spinach or lettuce as these are quite likely to get stuck in between your teeth. When choosing a beverage avoid drinks with mint leaves that could get stuck between your teeth. Keep those for later. Opt for smooth drinks like wine or simple mocktails or cocktails that help wash out food particles from your teeth.

…And don’t forget to smile a lot! A smile can take someone’s breath away.