Dental caries lead to formation of cavities in the tooth. A dental cavity is generally painless and goes through various stages before it becomes painful and causing severe tooth damage. The key to prevent tremendous tooth damage is to get them fixed as soon as you spot them. Fixing your tooth cavities at an early stage is easy and painless task and is surely friendly to your pocket. All that needs to be done is simple tooth Restoration with various tooth filling materials. But avoiding it at early stage only makes it worse leading it to progress further and cause severe tooth decay. Once the cavity reaches the second and third layer of tooth, it creates severe pain and sensitivity issues which can only be resolved by ROOT CANAL TREATMENT. Root canal treatment is treatment of your nerves done in single or multiple sittings depending on the infection caused by bacteria. This further requires protection of the tooth with a crown. The treatment is surely less pocket friendly a compared to simple tooth fillings. So basically, a simple cavity which could have been fixed by simple filling was avoided and made to land in root canal treatment. 

The key to good dental health is :


Prevention of Dental Cavities:

1. Brushing twice daily; there is no substitute to night brushing

2. Floss in between your teeth 

3. Rinse every time u eat sticky food or sticky chocolates.

4. Limit sugary foods

5. Get regular dental check ups done.