Premature Ejaculation (PME) also called rapid ejaculation refers to a condition when a man reaches climax very early without much of penile stimulation. This by far is the most common sexual problem encountered by men. 

A man’s ability to sustain himself in the bed is described as Masculine Vigor and Masculine Power. On the other hand failing to match the Gold Standards and finishing early is viewed as a sign of weakness and inadequacy. Sadly how society views PME becomes more significant for people than how science views it. Medical Science describes PME as a treatable Sexual Disorder whereas, Society relates it with the inferiority of a man. There's enormous societal pressure on the men to be "The Performers". 

'A man is a man when he proves it in the bed' - Such beliefs make it very difficult for an individual and the couples to deal with PME. There are many false notions about premature ejaculation prevalent in the society which only add pain in the lives of those who suffer from this condition. 

Familiarize yourself with some of the most common myths which you thought were facts- 


One of the most common and threatening misconceptions surrounding premature ejaculation is, "He Isn't Man Enough If He Comes Early". It is crazy how the society measures the capacities of a man by weighing him against his ability to sustain in the bed. Truly speaking a man is not defined only by his genitals and there is a lot more in him that accounts for his masculinity. Otherwise we would have known nothing about the qualities of a Gentleman. Contrary to the prevalent societal beliefs coming early has nothing to do with his manliness.


Very often people relate premature ejaculation with the maturity levels of a man. Had this myth been true then men in their 30s or 40s wouldn’t have to deal with PME, or for that matter men who are accomplished personally or professionally or in both ways would last longest in bed which of course is not the case. PME may occur at any age and may defect the machinery of a man who’s mature enough.


It is one of the most frequently cited reasons for PME. Though experience does account for some control over the ejaculatory reflex but it doesn’t always safe guard against PME. Thus it is important for you to understand that there may be many other potential causes for your man’s PME than judging him for his experience.


A man’s coming early is often interpreted as his self centric interests. These men are described as being selfish, caring only about their own pleasure and not bothering about their partner’s needs. PME is even seen as a man’s conscious effort to punish women or show anger, which may not be the case. On the contrary your man might be feeling guilty and ashamed for not being able to satisfy your needs. Blaming only makes the scenario worse. Try to sit with your partner, stay calm, be supportive and seek professional help.


Interestingly, some women attribute PME to the intense excitement and passion that their men felt inside of them, I remember a lady boasting in a kitty party “He just can’t control when he’s with me, He experiences peak immediately”. On the other hand some females perceive PME as a sign of disinterest. A young lady was distressed and came for therapy, on exploration she told she was upset because her man wasn’t interested in her anymore, she explained, “he doesn’t like having sex with me and just want to finish it quickly” on further exploration her husband was diagnosed with PME.         Ladies Intense Excitement or Disinterest may not be the reasons why your man comes early. There might be a third reason which you both should start looking for and consult a professional for suitable management.


PME is also perceived as a sign of dying manhood. If we’re equating manhood with a man’s ability to procreate then we need to get the fact straight. PME doesn’t warrant poor semen count and is not necessarily related to infertility.


One such false belief is that PME is a chronic problem and cannot be treated. Couples…Have a Deep Sigh of relief and thank yourselves for reading this article! Most cases of PME are treatable. The two most popular and efficient ways of treating PME are, Psychotherapy and Medicines (if required). 

PME is stressful for individuals and to make it even worse we have misconceptions prevalent in the society. Having read this article you must have gathered some understanding of What Premature Ejaculation Is Not!

There are different types of PME and there are various reasons responsible for it. The causes of PME vary from individual to individual and  so do the treatment plans. The best way to treat your PME is to consult a Professional who specializes in the treatment of Psychosexual Disorders, gain an in depth understanding of your problem and reach the management plan which is best suited for you.