Persistent  or recurrent ejaculation with minimal sexual stimulation before, on, or shortly after penetration and before the person wishes it. It has been difficult to define ‘Premature ejaculation' since there is a great variation in physiology of ejaculation. International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) has defined (PE) as “Ejaculation in less than 60 seconds from start of intercourse.

PE is seen in young men from their first attempt at intercourse. Later they acquire ability to delay the orgasm after a adequate function. PE can create tension in relationship. Wife’s estimate of duration of time from the beginning of intercourse until ejaculation, as well as her judgment of whether PE is a problem, can be quite misleading. PE can create tension in relationship.

Patients may misinterpret secretion from bulbo-urethral glands as semen and label himself suffering from P.E. Some may see prolonged period of intercourse in blue films and feel it as standard. Some may think that anything short of ability to prolong till wife’s orgasm is PE. Some think duration mentioned by friend is normal.                                       

Patient try their own way to prolong the period by diverting attention, pinching self, using a condom during the intercourse, drinking alcohol or masturbating prior to intercourse. All these are found to be unproductive techniques. In attempting to control orgasm, man is distracts himself from stimulation of touch and arousal, and he fails to enjoy his sexual feelings and may lose erection. Therefore emphasis should be on increasing penile stimulation and not avoiding it.


  • Anxiety. 
  • Hurried sexual experience.
  • Excessive sensitivity of glands.
  • Rapid ejaculatory reflex.
  • Fear of losing erection.  
  • Prolonged abstinence. 
  • Fear of detection.


  • Counseling: Counseling  of couple is done. It is emphasized that problem is not in genitals, problem is in the brain.
  • Sex Therapy: It is based on systemic desensitization to bring about behavioral modification.