Fuller and firmer breasts add to your feminism. However, not all women are gifted will great breasts shapes. If you too are unsatisfied with your under-developed breasts, a breast augmentation surgery can be just right for you. Breast augmentation, like any other surgery needs a bit of preparation. Here are some very important tips that will help you to get prepared for the procedure.

  • Check your eligibility - Before planning for breast augmentation, you must consult the doctor to check your eligibility for the surgery. Generally, this procedure is not for those who are under 22 years, smoke regularly, suffering from serious ailments, lactating mothers etc. Speak to your doctor and move on with the procedure only after you get a positive nod.
  • Have a realistic expectation - A cosmetic surgery can obviously improve your appearance for better but it cannot change your look completely. Discuss with your doctor to know what you can expect after your breast augmentation surgery. Know about how much development you can hope to see and how long you must wait to see the complete result. Clear all your doubts about the procedure, don’t hesitate. It also becomes easier for the doctor if he is aware about the patient’s expectation. He can provide you with a more desirable result or even counsel you against dreaming of something that is impractical and unrealistic.
  • Share your medical history with your doc - It is important that your doctor knows about your complete medical history. It is mandatory to ensure your safety and help you get a desired result. Let the doctor know all about your ailments, allergies and any chronic disease running in your family. Also tell him about any medicine that you might be taking or have taken recently. If you have been diagnosed by any serious disease, provide a complete history of it, even if you have recovered completely.
  • Know about your diet – Ask your doctor about your dietary plan pre and post surgery. Follow the schedule that your doctor gives your. Any dietary indiscipline may lead to unwanted side-effects resulting in delayed recovery time.
  • Get a help for yourself – Breast augmentation surgery does not pose any huge risk but still you need to get yourself a helping hand. Have a friend who can drive you after the procedure and be with you for at least 24-72 hours. You shall be under the effect of medication so will be feeling feeble. There must be someone to look after you, your diet and medication for at least a day or two till you are back on your feet.
  • Get out from your habit of nicotine – If you are a smoker, it is important that you quit smoking at least 6 months prior to the surgery. Smoking and aesthetic surgeries doesn’t go well together and the effect of nicotine delays the recovery and may also result in side-effects.

There are lots of myths associated with aesthetic surgeries, especially breast procedures. It is essential to know the facts before deciding on the procedure. Get in touch with an expert who has a lot of experience in this specific domain and let him guide you well.