As an Andrologist and a Men's Health Expert, one question that I answer the most is "Doctor, how do I have better sex?"

Sex is as important as food to live an emotionally fulfilling and physically satisfying life. Then why do men silently suffer, when they can as easily unlock their true potential in the sack and satisfy their partners and in the process achieve emotional nirvana.

After answering so many men, I figured out the 5 most important steps that a man can take to power up his sex life. To the ladies reading out there, you can apply these to your boyfriends and do yourself a favour too.

A healthy weight for better sex

1. Maintain a healthy weight:

As a man, maintaining a healthy weight and healthier waistline is your duty to yourself. Find out your correct BMI and reach that, and you will find so much improvement in your sex life.

Lots of water for lots of sex

2. Stay hydrated:

Drinking lots of fluids help detox the body. It also helps maintain a healthy weight. And most of all, it gives that healthy colour and volume to your semen.

Heave to enjoy

3. Push those weights:

Sex is mostly cardiovascular exercise. The more athletic you are, the more you can run on the treadmill, the more you can make your partner pant in bed. So get those running shoes out and hit the gym with vigour.

Sleep to get laid

4. Sleep well:

There is no antioxidant than a good sleep. It relieves stress and there is nothing better than an early morning session with your lover.

No smoking to get smoking hot

5. Stop smoking:

Kicking the butt will really improve overall blood flow in your privates and you will realise that quitting smoking has other benefits too.

So my friends out there, start your journey to a healthier and sexier life today.