Posture is a very basic and simple word, but most of the people are ignorant about their wrong posture. In most of the cases, the wrong posture may be adaptive, related to work or faulty lifestyle. It can be rectified quite easily by releasing tight structures & strengthening weaker structures. You can not even imagine how adversely your wrong posture can affect your life. So always try to become fit and healthy.

Forward Head Posture is one of the commonest lifestyles problems associated with lots of complications. In most of the cases, it is being wrongly diagnosed as a migraine headache, Cervical spondylosis, Cluster headache and so many other common lifestyle problems. Its management is quite easy and straightforward. In most of the cases, the pain is become chronic with time and leads to dependence on these types of pain.

So be vigilant and get a cure for these type of pain at earliest.