The penis is one of the important and vital sexual organs in men without which climax cannot be reached in a sexual encounter with a female partner. Many believe in the fact that the level of satisfaction one attains in sex depends largely on the sizeof the penis. There is no scientific study on the same to establish this fact. But, indeed, men don’t wish to have a short and stubby one. In general, all men dream to have a bigger one and look for ideas to enhance the size and know more about it. It has been noticed that even if they do not have a small penis,still desire for a bigger one. There are different ways to have a large penis.

1) Lotions and Tablets: In recent days there is a considerable increase in the demand of lotions and tablets in the market for natural enlargement of penis. It is one of the popular ways for penis enlargement. These lotions are made of herbs and it is believed that these herbal tablets are capable to enlarge the penis to a considerable extent.  

2) Surgery: One can also opt for surgery to enlarge the penis. Well, this is the most costly method. One can contact an expert urologist who will always suggest the best for having proper penis enlargement through surgery. When it is a surgery then there will be probable side effects for the same too.

3) Penis pumps: This is available in various size and style. This covers the penis and this creates vacuum around the penis. This will help to maintain the erection and give a feeling of an enlarged penis.

Before you plan to go for any of the above methods for penis enlargement we recommend you to meet a sexologist for advice. There are many exercises and natural methods which can help you in getting the desired size of the penis. A sexologist will explain to you the pros and cons of the above methods to help you decide what exactly will work for you.