What is Acne/ Pimples ?

Acne is a  visible condition in which the skin pores becomes clogged ,leading to eruption. They can get inflamed and infected.

Course of Acne

 They are chronic with frequent remissions and exacerbation.There is tendency to flare up in premenstrual period.


Acne is caused by over-activity of the sebaceous glands that secrete oily substances on surface of the skin. About 80% of teenagers are affected by acne between the ages of 13 and 17 due to increased production of sex hormones. 

Excessive use of greasy cosmetics, pomades and detergent are other causes.

Why your Acne are painful ?

Bacteria trapped within a skin pore make the acne pustular and more painful.

What are the aggravating Factors ?

Exposure to dust, Constipation, Gastric intestinal disturbance, Sedentary life, picking and mechanical rubbing the acne spots are known factors that aggravate the condition. 

Are my Acne Genetic ?

Yes, they may be as it usually runs in families.

Homoeopathic Management

BOVISTA 30 every 6 hours - Acne due to use of cosmetics, worse in summers.

KALIBROM 30 every 6 hours - Acne, pustular eruption on face,chest,shoulder. Leaves scars mostly in young fleshy person.

ANTIM CRUD- 30 every 6 hours. Cannot bear heat of sun. Tendency to grow fat. Pimples, pustules, and boils on face

BERBERIS AQUA- 5 drops every 8 hours. Pimples, blotches ,dry, rough skin. May clear the complexion.

JUGLANS R-30 every 8 hours . Comedones and red pus filled acne  that itch a lot. 

CARBO VEG-30 every 6 hours -acne in young persons ,skin perspires a lot.


  1. Be Happy - Acne person often takes this disturbance very seriously and feels unhappy. He should be relaxed.
  2. Exercise and Yoga 
  3. No Replacement to Washing Face - Wash the site of acne twice daily with Valeda Herbal Aloe and Neem Face wash   to remove excess oil from the skin. 
  4. Face Pack with Natural Juice - At night apply Valeda Herbal Nutmeg Pack for 10 min mixed in  fresh fruit juice.
  5. Don't Scrub too Hard - Avoid scrubbing too hard because this can actually irritate the skin and cause acne to worsen.
  6. Don't Touch -  Psychogenic stresses particularly the habit of picking, unnecessary squeezing make acne worse.
  7. No Facials and Cosmetics - No facials,and cosmetics, particularly greasy and coloured  should be used. 
  8. Avoid exposure to dust. Keep the area clean by applying Echinacea tincture - [prepared by mixing 1 part of Echinacea mother tincture with 4 parts of distilled water] 
  9. General health should receive attention by following constitutional diet plan.
  10. Fats and carbohydrates have to be reduced in with vegetables and protein.
  11. Sweets of all kinds and nuts to be avoided.
  12. Healthy Diet - Diet should be simple with lots of green vegetables, sprouts and fruits. Avoid starches, chilies,tea, aerated drinks, ice and alcohol.
  13.  Check Gastric Ailments - Constipation and other digestive upset aggravate acne and steps must be taken to avoid them 
  14. Mild sun is  good for the skin - An outdoor life and exercise done in fresh open air helps.