Piles or Hemorrhoids is the condition where the veins present in the anal region gets inflamed and swells up. Among the many reasons that cause piles like ageing, pregnancy, etc. constipation stands out because this is one factor that is in our control if the food we take is proper. However that said and done, if Hemorrhoids has indeed occurred these are the food you can avoid worsening of your haemorrhoids.

6 Foods to avoid in case you have piles:

  1. Caffeinated Food – Beverages like coffee, tea and caffeinated colas are to be avoided if you have piles.
  2. Processed Meat – The processing of meat is accomplished with the addition of lots of preservatives that may be harmful to your digestive tract. Hence avoid processed meat. Instead, have lean meats that are fresh-cut.
  3. Bakery Items – Almost all bakery items are made out of refined flour and sugar. Though this is easy digesting, they are not easy on your digestive system. The complete absence of fibre in bakery items induces constipation which is not good if you have piles.
  4. Polished Rice – We consume polished rice that is completely white stripped of its nutrition and fibre. Polished rice is pure starch and has very less nutritional value. They are simple carbohydrate and can increase the occurrence of constipation. Substitute it with brown or unpolished rice for optimal benefits.
  5. Dairy – Milk products per se do not aggravate piles. But if you are using skim milk which is low in fat, then this may increase constipation which is not good news if you have piles. Recent studies are talking about the goodness of whole milk and how skimmed milk is unnatural.
  6. Deep-fried food – Anything deep fried besides losing its nutritional value also cause constipation which can be hard on existing piles. So avoiding them is always better. Also, we know that deep-fried foods also are a source of bad fat for your body. So why take the risk?