Personality is nothing but all the aspects within yourself that makes you who you are and also distinguishes you from others. In the busy world, now a day everyone talks about personality development, enhancement, uplifting etc which talks about changing or altering personality component. But in reality one cannot change the personality. Only one can control or modulate personality aspects. And that can be visible through overt behavior.

However, one can definitely develop or restructure ones personality.

But how?

  • First you need to know what you are and then you have to accept yourself the way you are.
  • Then you can check how your personality is affecting you in every area both positively and negatively.
  • Such analysis will help you to gain insight about yourself better.
  • Next choose few aspects of your personality that you want to restructure
  • Go for it and check the efficacy of the change

The process should be a practice and one at a time.

Few ways by which you can start:

  • Read and write” and most important “listen
  • Interact with people to see heterogeneity among people
  • Have a look on your body gestures/body language
  • If you wish you can go for grooming yourself (dressing or a makeover)
  • Also, Consult a psychologist who can assess and can guide you

Just remember don’t force yourself, the process should be organic not something you are doing just for the sake of getting yourself better. Also it takes time and you should give that time.

Benefits of restructuring:

  • More confidence
  • A good self image
  • Increased sense of self worth
  • Increased flexibility and adaptability to change 
  • Increased happiness and active life

Thus personality development in now a day is a necessity. Once in a life time, one has to try to fit into some new shells and thus when it is done efficiently with proper knowledge and idea of what is to be done- it becomes easy to initiate.