PCOS related Infertility is EASIER to treat if you receive proper medicine, come for TVS Follicular Study and control your weight.

PCOS is NOT the disease of "Cysts". It's a hormonal problem and is NOT curable. However, it's quite possible to keep this disease under control. The main treatment to keep it under control is Lifestyle changes, that is Weight Control. 

In PCOS, infertility is a common problem. The reason is, there are enough eggs inside the ovaries but they cannot grow and rupture ("Ovulation"). So, when weight loss cannot help, the treatment is Ovulation Induction (OI). In most of the cases, OI is done with oral medicines like Clomiphene or Letrozole. 

But it's extremely important that you should NOT take these medicines WITHOUT TVS. In TVS, the ultrasound probe is inserted inside the vagina to see the number and size of the follicles (the sacs containing the eggs inside) within the ovaries. 

TVS follicular study is required for 2 reasons-

1) Whether your ovaries are at all responding to the medicines. In some cases, the medicine may not help the eggs to grow. If medicines are not working, in the next month we have to change the medicines. 

2) Whether you are over-responding to the medicine. If you respond nore than normal, there is chance of Multiple Pregnancy (Twin, Triplet etc) and Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS- Which is very serious complication). 

If the medicine is working (medicine causing the follicles to grow and rupture), then the chance if pregnancy is 15% per month, that means out of 100 women, 15 can conceive in one month. If you do not conceive but your ovaries are responding to the medicine, you can take the medicines for next 3-4 cycles (depending on your age and duration of Infertility). You don't need to come for TVS in those next months.

The pictures belong to a couple, came to us for Infertility of 4 years duration and PCOS. We gave them Letrozole and performed TVS Follicular Study to confirm Ovulation. She did not conceive after 1st month but she continued the same treatment in next month. She conceived after 2nd month of treatment.

Picture taken with kind permission from the patient.

Picture 1- Positive Pregnancy Test.