Mar 20th was celebrated as International Happiness day and as I read through different articles on happiness - I pondered and wondered how we humans  simply forgot being in our natural and original state of happiness and often drift into other states mainly sadness, anger and fear. In my therapeutic strategies I also use 3 key laws of the universe that can be used generally by all of us to remain in our natural state of happiness. Interested? Go ahead & stay happy!  

Back in the age when human beings were eating only raw foods- fruits, vegetables or meat - they were in only 2 states of mind - either peaceful & happy or anxious, threatened and afraid of man-eaters.So unless there is any intrusion into this normal state – the usual state of happiness - they never felt otherwise. Evolution to a greater extent has made human beings “take diversion” from this normal state of happiness and has mis-led them to the current state of lost happiness.From living at the present (normal state of happiness) humans evolved to think pro-actively of the attacks and developed strategies to protect themselves. In all this pro-activeness we continue to be in a state of anticipation and protection, forgetting the present state which is the normal state of happiness, contentment & rejoice.We actually think, perform, feel healthier when we are happy than in the heightened state of alertness due to anticipation of threats (be it exams, project deadline, sales targets and worrying about the future of ourselves and those who we love). 

                  Back to evolution - Our physical body is attuned only to the natural state of happiness for almost billions of years and is accustomed to take only limited levels of stress as threat comes. Physiologically speaking when we are at our usual and natural state of happiness - hormones like serotonin and endorphins secretes to the required level. These two hormones do 2 important activities. They not only neuro-transmits the state of happiness and feel good-factor to each and every cell of the body but also signals to the brain to secrete cortisol only to the minimum required quantity to keep the key parameters of blood sugar, blood pressure at bay. Whereas when we are at a heightened state of arousal and alertness due to various perceived threats - not only the secretion of serotonin and endorphins depletes - the brain also sends signal to pump more adrenaline which creates a feeling of unease and anxiety and secrete more than required cortisols - which then mis-manages the levels of blood sugar and blood pressure. Could be one reason why Indians top the chart in diabetes &hypertension per WHO (World Health Organization)

So the more we are in our natural state of mind, which is being at peace and joy - the more our body is at comfort and if needed heals itself automatically. To increase happiness in our lives and to continue staying in our natural state of happiness - I would like each one of us to take help from the 3 laws that govern the universe. All of you might have at least heard about Law of Attraction. The other two laws that I am going to talk about are - law of cause and effect  and law of reflection. Let me just take a moment to explain these 3 laws.

Law of attraction simply put is "like attracts like".

Law of reflection states that whatever is coming to us or happening to us is simply our own belief that is maneuvering back to us.

Law of Cause & Effect  is simply that what we sow we reap.

If you think consciously - one tends to attract people with whom you have lots of similarities. At the outset it may appear that the differences have attracted to you but think of your best classmate or friend or colleague and you will understand that you are closer to each other because you share certain basic traits that had resulted in an ALIGNMENT which acts as the fevi-bond for your relationship. Similarly when you are happy you attract people who are happier about their presence in the world and When you are surrounded by happier people - you will naturally feel happier to. Like attracts like! You may also have come across days when for no reason you felt happier and joyful and whatever happened that day - had ended in beautiful experiences for you. Even someone had shouted at you in the traffic snarl may have ended up in you smiling and taking it easy. But think of some other day when you were moody - even if someone had complimented you - you may have doubted their note of appreciation. This is what is all about reflection. The world and other people are just mirrors of who we are , how we behave and what we think! Is very straight forward. When we plan a mango seed - we grow mango tree and reap mangoes. The problem is we forget what we sow and we expect to reap something else causing conflicts in our actions and expectations. 

               Not to digress - Sowing more happiness in others helps us to reap happiness as well. When we do good to others - automatically our self-esteem increases and we feel a HIGH. This instant feeling is just for doing alone then the good we did brings back more good to us. If you don’t like something because it hurts you or don’t make you feel good consider it as a weed and burn it. Don’t throw it on others - It's similar to sowing - so you may end up cleaning the weeds at a later day. Just let go     of it by visualizing it getting burned and turning in to ashes and smoke and disappearing from your world. Sow or throw only what makes you and others happier and you will reap only happiness.  With this I would like to conclude that as we are mindful of our thoughts, beliefs, actions and cultivate the seeds of happiness we only end-up reaping more and more of happiness and fill our mental banks and warehouses with huge loads of happiness. Wishing you a wonderful year and life ahead and keep smiling until next time you get to read my next posting - Lakshmi Narasimhan - a keen observer of behavior and an influencer of behavioral modification for betterment of fellow beings.