The prime concern for most orthodontic patients is poor esthetics due to mal-aligned teeth which is an obvious and most common reason for getting the orthodontic treatment done. But there are a number of other potential benefits that are beyond esthetics.

  1. Ease of Maintenance: Straighter and well-aligned teeth are easy to clean and maintain. Studies have shown that crowded teeth are difficult to clean with brushing and flossing. Such teeth catch more plaque leading to periodontal disease and tooth decay which lead to early tooth loss.
  1. Stable Bite: Crowded/ Non-aligned teeth result in Traumatic Bite which causes injury to tissues that hold the teeth leading to loose teeth or drifting of teeth. Aligned teeth distribute equal forces to all the teeth when in function leading to a stable bite.
  1. Better speech: Severe Crowding of teeth leads to speech abnormalities due to constriction of tongue space. Orthodontic treatment aligns the dental arches to create adequate space for the tongue leading to improvement in speech issues.
  1. Better Function: Well aligned dental arches perform the function of eating most efficiently.
  1. Structural balance: If the teeth are in right positions the balance between jaws and the joint that holds the jaws (temporomandibular joint) is harmonious. Abnormal relationship between Upper and Lower jaws leads to Joint problem and pain in the joint.