Someone asked me the other day, “I understand Skype for patients, but what’s in it for you Dr Rajeev Money”? “Not really”, I replied.

I have been working as a Fertility expert for the longest time possible and I have seen the problems which patients face. They need someone to listen to them, someone who will give time to go through all that they have accumulated over years of treatment. They need someone, to be honest, and transparent with them, to tell them on their face, is it is and not to mince words. They need someone to explain why they are going through, what they are going through. What treatment will they need? What are the options they have? Sometimes in our busy schedule as doctors, we prescribe medicines and treatments but fail to add what’s needed most; time and emotions.

In the western world, I feel the doctors mostly advise you in a very mechanical manner without adding their own opinion to it for fear of litigation. For a patient who doesn’t understand the process at all, making the decision becomes very difficult. These are the areas that I hope to address with this venture. The objective would be to merely advise patients on their treatments and to help them go back to their own respective Fertility consultants and get treatment. I would strongly discourage patients to come down to me for treatment. This way the focus is on imparting knowledge and helping by guiding rather than enhancing my own practice.