Acne is known as Yauvan Pidika in Ayurveda. Yauvan means adolescent age & pidika means eruptions. As evident the disease has been so beautifully explained in Ayurveda. Though management of acne is a complex procedure requiring multi-level treatments, for which one should always consult a medical professional, still there are certain simple things one can try doing at personal level at home.

One major consideration while dealing with acne is internal & external hygiene.

Panchkarma Treatments in Ayurveda are specialized treatments for purging interior toxins of the body, but they can only be performed by expert Ayurvedists and for that one must visit experts of this field.

Internal hygiene encompasses proper bowel movement and proper digestion. If one is suffering from constipation, consumption of triphala powder 1 teaspoon with warm water at bed time should take care of the said problem. As acne is problem related to glands so reduced fat intake is key to control this problem. As for external hygiene, repeated face wash with simple water should be followed religiously. Excess and frequent usage of harsh face washes should be avoided.

One can try any one of the following face packs to be applied only once daily till symptoms subside.

  1. Mix little haldi in honey and apply for 10-15 minutes before taking bath.
  2. Apply Aloe Vera pulp on face before bath.
  3. Crush some neem leaves and extract their juice. This juice can be mixed in honey and applied as pack for 10-15 minutes before bath.
  4. Face pack made by mixing chandan powder and multani mitti is very soothing for itching and burning sensation associated with acne.
  5. Fruit face packs of papaya, cucumber etc. are also very useful in this season.

Acupuncture treatment is also giving very good results in acne as it controls body’s internal cold, heat and dampness in very effective way.