Cooltech Advantage - Cooltech is a groundbreaking technology which uses a patented cooling process called Cryolyposis to target and eliminate fat cells permanently. It removes the fat cells from the body in a natural and progressive way through the lymphatic system. you this advanced fat freeze technology which gives liposuction like results but without downtime, anaesthesia or pain medication. In fact, most patients return to work immediately after the treatment. The treatment works on the stubborn fat bulges in our body that don’t respond to diet or any form of exercise. Cooltech advantage works wonderfully on abdominal fat, love handles, back flab, bra fat, inner thigh bulges, bulky arms, double chin, gynaecomastia and post pregnancy bulges.

Dr.Geetika, MD of ISAAC says, It is an effective, safe, effortless treatment which has shown long-term results. With only one procedure which lasts for 60-70minutes, it vanishes 20-30% of the fat cells permanently. ISAAC is the first clinic in Delhi to get this advanced technology. we have done more than 12 thousand treatments at our clinics in Delhi and NCR under the supervision of our medical experts. And over 1 million procedures of Cooltech has been done worldwide. Until recently, your only option to tackle these problem areas would have been fat reduction surgery, such as Liposuction.

Understandably, you may be concerned about having an operation under general anaesthetic or taking time off for a long recovery afterwards. The Cooltech ‘Fat Freezing’ treatment offers an effective and real alternative to fat reduction surgery for the first time ever. At ISAAC, we were one of the first aesthetic clinics in the Delhi-NCR to bring this cutting-edge technology and are pleased to report very positive outcomes.We end each Cooltech treatment with a Pressotherapy session, which exerts light pressure to improve blood flow, stimulate lymphatic drainage and help your body break down the frozen fat. In our experience, this supports the excellent results we have seen so far.