Sexual problems in men are quite common these days. When you are in a relationship, physical contact or love making is what that bonds your relationship even stronger. A good sexual life is an essential key to a happy relationship. But there are men who face issues and have sexual problems, and also don’t do anything about it because they feel embarrassed. This not only destroys their relationship but also results in depression or other psychological problems.

Premature ejaculation is one such sexual problem about which men don’t talk. The feeling of humiliation and despair takes over and they never consult a sexologist. Men feel embarrassed of the fact that they ejaculate too quickly and think that it would act as a stain on their manhood and will question their sexual performance. Which is not the caveat all, it is better to visit a doctor so that it can be treated quickly.

Best treatment for premature ejaculation:

1. Control your ejaculatory reflex-To begin with, you can masturbate to analyze and get accustomed to your stimulation and sensitivity level. You can try to build erection and masturbate while controlling your ejaculation. When you get successful in controlling your ejaculation you can try it out with your partner.

2. Practice kegels exercise- You can Google kegels exercise and practice it daily. It helps to build muscles around your pelvic area which would help you in controlling your ejaculation.

3. Foreplay- Try different types of foreplay and engaging more time in foreplay can help you attain stronger erection and control premature ejaculation.

4. Medications-There are many medications available to help you control premature ejaculation. But first you should ask a doctor to write a prescription and then only buy doctor prescribed medicines.

5. Consulting a sex therapist - Well, it is best that you consult a sex therapist who will guide you in the right direction towards treating premature ejaculation.