In the coming months, summers will reach India and with the weather change, our clothing and our daily actions will also be altered. Today in modern cities people commonly relate summers with a pleasant early morning walk, lesser air pollution (as compared to winters), waiting for the car seats to cool down, consuming lots of water, buying mineral water bottles, etc.

Yes, our modern lifestyle has changed so has our daily habits and one significant change that most Indian cities have adopted and developed an easy approach and confidence to buy drinking water while traveling. Possibly prior to the 1980s, buying a bottle of drinking water would have been an unimaginable action but it is no more today. Today when we travel, we hardly think twice before buying a branded bottle of mineral water.

However, do you know mineral water bottles mention its expiry date? And it’s important not to consume mineral water after its date of expiration is over.

So why there is an expiration date on mineral water? Can water get bad in a sealed plastic bottle after a few months? It’s always essential to check mineral water bottle’s expiry date and never consume water after the expiry date is over. The reasons are: – 

Plastic is Porous

Do you know plastic is porous in nature and plastic bottled water too can pick up smells, tastes, and even bacteria, if stored for a longer period of time or in an unhygienic place? So always check the expiration date before drinking water from bottle else you may always fall sick.

Harmful Chemicals

The temperature in Indian summers can reach anywhere between 47 to 51 degrees centigrade and when plastic bottles are kept directly under sunlight (especially by roadside vendors), plastic leaks chemical components like BPA (Bisphenol) into the water. This won’t necessarily make the water toxic, but BPA can increase the chances of breast cancer, brain lining damage, infertility in men and incidence of heart diseases. So, refrain from leaving bottled water under sunlight or even inside your car on a hot sunny day and drinking it later.