Here are some of the natural tooth whiteners and gum stimulators:

  • Apples: Eating apples helps to remove food debris. Healthy fibre helps to keep the gums and teeth clean. It also provides scrubbing away plaque from teeth.
  • Carrot: Carrot helps in the production of saliva and it contains vitamin B which fights gingivitis.
  • Strawberry: It is a natural tooth whitener. It contains whitening enzyme of malic acid. For better results, You can also combine strawberry with baking soda for a natural whitening.
  • Cauliflower: Eating cauliflower requires lots of chewing, hence produce more saliva. Saliva helps in cleansing the teeth.
  • Milk: Milk makes your teeth stronger and healthier. It provides calcium to the teeth and prevents from periodontal diseases and keeps your jaw bones healthier.
  • Sugarcane: Sugarcane protects teeth against tooth decay and bad breathe due to its high mineral content.
  • Neem: By chewing the neem stick, tooth decay can be prevented. It is a manual toothbrush which can be used only once. It provides healthy tooth and acts as a natural tongue cleaner too.