POSHAN-Partnerships and Opportunities to Strengthen and Harmonize Actions for Nutrition in India.

When it comes to health and nutrition, everything other than a disciplined lifestyle is a hard sell.

Eat Local.

Eat Regional.

Eat Seasonal.

It is a good news that our farmers are growing exotic vegetables & fruits rich in nutrition, same stuff of rare colorful veggies and fruits which were imported and were available at exorbitant prices, beyond the reach of every person as availability was confined to few stores in high profile markets.

Just to mention a few items available online /offline at reasonable price-

  • Kiwi
  • Broccoli
  • Mushrooms
  • Strawberries
  • Colorful Shimla Mirch ( Capsicums )
  • Carrots
  • Baby Tomatoes etc etc

What are our basic Nutrition Requirements

1) Carbohydrates ( ready made energy)

2) Proteins ( Building Blocks to carry out repair work as wear and tear is going on @ 24 hours ) 

3) Fats (Our reserve of energy and good Cholesterol to ward off chronic diseases like Cancer, to Help Repair injured tissues and to make our joints mobile and healthy) 

4) Vitamins & Minerals ( to help digestive functions besides hordes of other activities carried out by a healthy body) and-

5) WATER ( Jal hi Jeevan Hai - Water is Life)

Inculcate Healthy eating habits starting from childhood but Do Not Be Too Rigid!

If a Mother was Anemic during pregnancy, anemia was corrected by intravenous infusions of iron starting from 4th month till 8th month because it was at healthy levels of 13+ before Delivery & she delivered a Healthy 'Dangal' Girl who is always hungry, this mother cannot meet her demands purely by her Breast Milk ,additional top feeds can be started, though every doctor favors breast feeding Only till 6 months to avoid baby getting infections...

1) Avoid Heavy Carbs like Maida, refined flour, noodles and other advertised stuff made with complex carbohydrates as digestion is equally Complex.

2) Avoid Heavy proteins like Meats cooked by frying. 

Insist on Marination and Steam Cooking 

Toned Milk, Curd and Boiled Eggs, clear Soups are some of the examples of Simple proteins which are easy on the digestive process.

3) Avoid Fats and Trans Fats through Street Foods, Packaged & Processed Foods.

But Do Eat Good Fats like a spoon of Desi Ghee/ Pure Butter and a Katori of Assorted Nuts like Almonds ( soaked and peeled are better), Walnuts , Cashew Nuts, Peanuts plus some Roasted Chana-Chickpeas.

Cost factor of nuts may bother some people.

Compare the cost of assorted nuts with a Tablet to Lower Bad Cholesterol / Sachets available over the counter as granules of Vitamins + Proteins + Calcium.

A Katori of assorted Nuts as mentioned above is giving us all of us in natural form

Reason for calling Nature as "Mother Nature" Because it is giving us everything in pure form for better utilization. 

Eat Well & stay away from synthetic medicines & foods 

Worth repeating again

Eat Local &

Eat Regional &

Eat Seasonal &

Stay Healthy & Blessed with Good Health.