What are the ways in which subtle undercurrents of the patient's health variations are so well understood by early day vaidyas? What is the diagnosis possible other than machines? Yes the answer is Nadi. But there are very few who have mastered the art of Nadi Pariksha. Pulse can not only can be counted with numbers but it can be sensed better correlating with 3 fundamental balancing factors of health Vata , Pitta and Kapha. 

The forerunners of ayurveda have explained the nadi in three ways - Manduka Gathi - the steps like a frog, Hamsa gati - steps of a Swan and Sarpa Gati - that is of a snake. With this simple foundation a vaidya starts feeling the pulse and enters in to a deep vision of various illnesses of the patients, may it is digestion, emotions and sleeping ways! The diagnosis thus becomes perfect. It is important that one should undergo regular nadi pariksha as a part of general health check ups. 

  • Vata Nadi imbalance leads to dryness, sleeplessness, impatience, mood fluctuations, psoriasis, body pains, etc.
  • Pitta Nadi imbalance leads to acidity, gastritis, ulcer, hairfall, angry, feeling of being disturbed.
  • Kapha Nadi imbalance leads to obesity, overweight, diabetes, thyroid, PCOD, and in turn to knee joint pain, varicose veins, laziness, and various metabolic disorders.  

Once the Nadi is noted and medication is being carried out regular follow up should be for every 15 days to understand changes in Nadi ups and downs and this will help to formulate custom made ayurvedic medicines from herbs listed in the samhithas for each dosha Nadi balancing. 

Agastya maharshi is considered as a exponent of Nadi Pariksha. There is a saying that," Jnana budhi pradeepena yonavishathi yogivath, roginasyantharathmananm na sa rogan chikithsa thi"; which means - Unless the physicians intellectual enters i.e., understands the patient's inner self with his sharp sightedness  as a yogi, a physician can not treat health issues! Here the nadi comes as a channel between the physician patient interaction and relation.