Your instructor gives you advice on fitness and exercise on a daily basis and surely you hear the same thing number of times from other people also. So, you start believing in it blindly but in the world of fitness, myths are generally more than the facts.

In order to help you and your family for leading a safe as well as healthier life, here are some top 4 exercise myths which we misunderstand as facts.

Myth: Running is bad for the knees

Fact: This is one of the most common myths which keeps us off the track. The truth is that running protects as well as improves your joint health. At the time of running, cartilage, an important structural component of the body, related to hips, knees and ankles compresses and expands, drawing in oxygen and flushing out waste products. So, don’t stop running unless and until you are suffering from the chronic bone disease.

Myth: Sweating leads to fat loss

Fact: When exercising, body’s temperature rises and heat is produced in the form of sweating. It is a natural mechanism of the body to cool down. Sweating doesn’t mean losing weight.You may see a slight difference on weighing scale but this difference is temporary. When the body is forced to sweat due to ambience, we actually lose salts and electrolytes from our body, which affects our performance during a workout, that leads to injury. Don’t live in myths, always search for logics behind the statement so that you can do justice with your health.

Myth: Lifting weights will make you bulky

Fact: A common myth which generally prevails in females that weight training will make them look manly. The fact is that it will increase their lean body mass and metabolic rate. Along with the increase, the after burn concept takes place which means your body will burn fat more than what it usually burns to keep your BMR burning. Weight training also strengthens joints, muscles, and tendons which provide a positive change in your bones by storing more calcium and improving your bone mineral density.

Myth: Exercise should be done empty stomach

Fact: It is not necessary to do exercise empty stomach. A light stomach also helps you to perform exercise efficiently. Light stomach means, doing light dinners, sleeping on time and before the workout you can easily have a fruit. Fruit leaves the stomach in 15 minutes but last night dinner stays. Therefore, light stomach is directly proportional to calm mind and healthy body.