It can be a tough time if your spouse is detected with Diabetes. Numerous Fears, Doubts, and questions will come up. And you are not alone; many people are in the same boat. Diabetes is just not about medication and some sugar control. You as a Partner are the biggest support Network for your diabetic partner. Here are some self-management tips for yourself and your diabetic partner to cope up with the newly discovered Diabetes:  

  • Become informed: Your endeavour must be to understand the disease. Diabetes is the inability of the body to produce insulin or/and the cells don’t react to the insulin. So your spouse will have a higher than normal level of sugar in their blood. There are two types of Diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2.  Type 1 is serious of the two and cannot be controlled by lifestyle changes alone. Currently, there is no permanent cure for Diabetes. Undergo an educational course on understanding diabetes. Your strong knowledge will be very handy in supporting your diabetic partner.  
  • Ashamed and Depressed: Numerous couples become depressed. This is especially true in the early phase of the disease. You are bound to feel the  Stress and Negativity that comes with the initial news of your partner becoming Diabetic. Don’t become bitter or cynical.  You and your diabetic partner must remain positive because if you meditate on negativity, coping with this disease will become very hard.   Take note if your partner has been newly diagnosed with diabetes and he/she is not talking to you about the disease. A lot of early diabetics spouses and even those who have been having this problem for long tend not to discuss it with their partner. It stays within the heart of your spouse. This is not the correct way as it shows that your partner has become extremely emotional and is feeling a sense of shame. Please talk to him or her about the disease and be very supportive. Nothing can be more insidious for a diabetic than a non-supportive spouse.  
Take charge of Testing
  • Fun and Humour: Ensure that you put extra effort to have more fun and humour with your diabetic spouse. The amount of stress your partner may be undergoing can be baffling. More movies, plays, music shows are always welcome.  
  • Diet: Your doctor would have told you about the diet and the precautions. Sugar has to be consumed in quantity and quality as per the direction of your doctor. Any dysregulation of sugar can be dangerous. And anyway everyone should be eating a healthy diet so your diet will also change. Keep a vigil on your spouse Diet.    
  • Fight Guilt: Don’t feel guilty about your partner's Diabetes. You are not responsible for it and there is no way you could have ever noted the glucose fluctuations happening in the blood. Diabetes is caused by poor lifestyle and genes. Just ward off your guilt feeling. 
  • Physical Activity: Walk and Yoga can do wonders. Ensure you have clarity on the amount of exercise recommended for your diabetic partner. Don’t nag them for exercising; instead be part of it. Do the exercises as a couple and lead by example. 
  • Start Slow. Exercise is magical

    • Be Watchful: Since you are closest to your partner you can note the symptoms easily. Ask your doctor to give you a list of symptoms that show fluctuating or increased blood sugar.  

    if together you are taking good control of diabetes, it will remain in control but there can be overwhelming times. You need to accompany your partner at every step of this self-management otherwise they will feel very lonely. There is no holiday when you are on a lifestyle and medicine program to control diabetes. If you are tired then it is just a mood and it will also pass away. The initial months can be tough but you can easily overcome this phase by taking proactive steps as explained above to help your Diabetic Partner.

    Take a vow that you will no longer be going to allow this disease to steal your partner's joy, hamper your ability to do your part in taking care of it, or cause both of you to be depressed any longer.

    In sickness and in Health