Don't underestimate the value of every tooth in terms of beauty - even those in the back of the mouth. Although the spaces created by missing teeth may not be visible, they can cause a variety of problems. For example, chewing forces may shift, causing the front teeth to flare out and create unwanted spaces. An altered bite can also cause the collapse of facial features. The more teeth that are lost and not replaced, the greater the odds that wrinkles and lines will form, causing premature ageing. Only if the missing tooth is the last molar should it go unreplaced.

If you're missing one or more teeth, you have four options for making your smile complete:

  • A fixed bridge
  • A removable bridge
  • A complete denture or
  • Implants

Each can be successful, depending on your circumstances.

Of all these options implants have the advantages of

  1. Most closely approximate having your own natural teeth
  2. Avoid reduction of adjacent teeth
  3. Can be flossed like natural teeth
  4. Help preserve bone
  5. Have approximately 95% success rate over 40-year life span of implant

Regular method of fixed bridge do have advantages of economical aesthetic, but also have an array of disadvantages like if one of the attached teeth fails, the entire bridge fails and may be difficult to repair if ceramic or porcelain chips off

Implants typically require about an hour for placement and left the mouth for healing for 3-6 months depending on the clinical situation and bone quality.

Implants can be flossed as natural teeth and provide excellent individual functioning

Complications of implants are rare, if any like ceramic implants can fracture, abutments screws can loosen or break, and very rarely a secondary infection can occur which, in case implant can be retrieved and placed in an another location or a larger implant can be placed.

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