Many people think that Masturbatory Habit ("Hasth Prayog"/"Mutti maar" etc) in males lead to sexual problems after marriage. Medically this concept is not correct and purely its a misconception.

Scientifically this misconception spread from generation to generation making man shaky during adolescence and early adult life.

Usually parents put this thought into growing young boy to discourage him into too much distracting sexuality by telling that its dangerous to loose sperm which is very important for manhood and loss of it would cause weakness, memory loss, body pains and on long run impotency etc.

Thus, the boy in adolescence due to puberty with hormonal changes somehow start the masturbatory act but soon starts feeling guilty and scared. He cannot ask anything about it with parents/teachers or uncles and aunts. No proper sex education when its needed. Even if he stops this act forcible, he may be having "nocturnal emissions" (night wet dreams) which will make him feel bad within himself. He starts attributing many bodily symptoms like weakness, joint pains, paleness of face, no gain in body weight, poor attention and concentration with memory defects to this loss of Sperm. In fact whether used or not sperm will be produced daily in testes from puberty onwards. Its not that by masturbation it gets dried up in anyway. Many times before marriage many men get jittery wondering about possible development of Impotency etc due to his previous masturbatory habit.

In fact, nothing happens like that. Boy while developing pubertal changes with penis growth, erections and sperm production and development of sexual desires etc are common and correct at that age. Doing masturbation in a technically correct way is nothing wrong. But overdoing the same/doing in wrong technique/using masturbation for sleep purpose etc are wrong. By doing so, in fact, night emissions may not happen at all. Some people try to cultivate "fast & secretive" type of masturbation due to lack privacy or fears etc which may cause conditioned early timing (habit) of releasing early which may lead to premature ejaculation after marriage.

So safely and decisively it should be noted that its  NOTHING WRONG IN MASTURBATION IN CORRECT DOSE AND IN CORRECT FORMAT.

Don't yield to such misconceptions and do not develop Psychological E.D. after marriage leading to unhappy and unsatisfactory conjugal life.