With the advent of key-hole and laparoscopic surgical procedures in the field of medicine, even dentistry isn’t far behind. A significant number of dentists from around the world with a progressive vision to grow have transformed their work pattern into what is minimally invasive, patient-friendly and long-term result oriented. So let us see what areas of dentistry have evolved.

For the purpose of easy understanding, I would categorize it into 2 headings

  1. Restorative dentistry 
  2. Cosmetic dentistry

Restorative dentistry would mainly attend to the teeth in the back of your jaws where the pain is alleviated and restoring functionality.

1)  The most common procedure in this aspect is the famous RCT. Neuro-surgeons use high-power sophisticated microscopes for their surgeries so do a few Root Canal Specialists or Endodontists as well. 

Dental microscope (Leica M320 at 32intact Dental, Chennai)

This ensures precise, gentle and pain-free treatment and you  don’t have to dread your dental visits anymore

RCT done with only 25% tooth removal as compared to the conventional method

2) Tooth-coloured fillings have largely replaced the unaesthetic metal fillings and offer visually pleasing results in the grinders as well.

Tooth coloured filling that cannot be differentiated from the natural teeth

3) How often have we heard from our dentist that you need a crown? A dental crown involves some loss of one’s natural teeth but with the advancements in bonded dentistry with inlays/ overlays which are bio-mimetic and less detrimental.

Biomimetic inlays and overlays are ceramic plates/custom milled chips that do not require much teeth reduction as compared to the crowns for fabrication

Cosmetic dentistry involves mainly the first 8 teeth in our jaw and glassy ceramic laminates called veneers which barely require any drilling are available to give you that million dollar smile. 

Non-invasive ceramic laminates for smile designing

Another speciality that has grown vastly is orthodontics or simply the braces. No more are those metal wires running across your tooth a cause of worry. We now have transparent braces or aligners that will fix your tooth obscurely.

Braces Vs Invisible braces

Article Credits: Dr. Reuben Joseph , MDS (Endodontics) practices at 32 INTACT Dental Clinic, Chennai.