Mindfulness is often confused as a complicated affair but the simple essense of Mindfulness is living with full awareness or the Art of Being. Its about living in the present moment with awareness and focus . Most of the time we tend to conjure up the past or future worries. Mindful living helps us to savour the flavors of life by enjoying the present moment applying our five senses of Sight, Smell, Touch, Sound and Taste.

Happiness has nothing to do with accumulating a lot of materialistic or non-materialistic things but rather associated with the quality of time spent or memories which we create with ourselves and others. Spending time doing things that we enjoy such as cultivating a hobby or getting into an activity like Dancing, Swimming, Exercising, Meditation and Yoga helps us reboot our brains thus promoting happiness and improved focus, memory and creativity. Mindful living helps us to introspect, make self-discovery and enhance self awareness which aids problem solving and improves interpersonal relationship skills. 

Busy-ness and multitasking is the way of life most of us. We are so busy 'Doing' that we have stopped 'Being'. This doingness not only complicates and stresses us out but also makes us more mechanical and less creative. Being busy often takes away our focus from the day-to-day tiny pleasures of life which we usually overlook by doing multiple things. Not many of us notice the Sunrise or the Sunset nor observe the breeze brushing against our skin or hear the sound of birds around us or stop to smell the flowers on our way.

Living Mindfully and with awareness is extremely essential for happiness and health. But the fact remains that we rarely prioritize this over our never ending to-do list. We often think that we are happy and satisfied once we accomplish or do a lot of things in life and in the bargain tend to overlook the nourishing activities which help us de-stress and unwind. 

Hence learning the Art of Being and breaking free from the habit of Doing is extremely important for our Mental Wellbeing. This will not only help you to be a happier,better and a successful person but also have wonderful relationship with the people around you as well as improve the quality of your life. Mindfulness does not take up a lot of time its not a therapy or a course but a way of life, what is required to practice it is patience and persistance.