Many people don't realize the effect a space between the front teeth can have on a person's appearance. If you have a space between your teeth that you don't like, but you haven't had it closed because you were told it would take years of orthodontic treatment, this is for you. In addition to orthodontics, spaces between teeth can be corrected with bonding, porcelain veneers, or all-ceramic crowns.

What causes gaps?

Spaces between the teeth are most often caused by heredity.

However, they also may be caused by personal habits such as tongue thrusting or by abnormal tongue or swallowing movements.

The loss of bone under the gum tissue can also cause teeth to separate, as can loss of the back teeth, which often transfers chewing activity forward.

How a space is treated has a lot to do with its cause.


There are several ways to close unsightly gaps. Which method is chosen depends on the cause of the space, its size, its location, and the condition of adjacent teeth. Both cost and your persona needs will play a significant role in your choice of treatment.

Correcting space problems, however, usually involves one of the three RS:

1. Repositioning teeth with orthodontics:

When teeth are attractive and healthy, repositioning is the ideal treatment, as it involves no loss of enamel. Some alternatives such as full crowns, require sacrificing healthy tooth structure for cosmetic correction.

2.Restoring teeth through bonding, veneers, or crowns:

Patients frequently prefer immediate results. In such cases, Bonding or laminating with porcelain may be the answer. In other cases, combination of therapies offer the best results.

3.Removal of teeth, followed by replacement with a bridge or implant:

Removal is used only as a last resort.


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