The symptoms of any mental illness can increase to an extent that no other treatment option can be availed except for hospitalization.Such situation can arise when:

  •  The client is showing symptoms of psychosis- hallucinations and delusions.
  •  The client tries to harm self or others.
  •  The client is compromising with the treatment ever after being supervised by someone.
  •  Client needs other mode of treatment- Electro convulsive therapy.
  • There is no one available to take care of the client.
  • When the family members are not able to manage the client at home.

Both clients and families vary based on these situations. Thus,hospitalization is one of the best options. But family also plays a greater role in the decision and after consequences of admission and discharge. 

The role of the family includes:-    

  • Being supportive yet alert and firm·        
  • Being non judgmental and over critical·        
  • Neither being over protective nor over indulging·        
  • Being responsive to clients needs·        
  • Being available when ever asked by the hospital or institution.        
  • Helping the client to join a support group post discharge·        
  • Taking part in follow-ups sessions 

If these few points are taken care sincerely, the management of the illness is better and effective.