Dumping in a Mental hospital is a lot easier than Caring for Own. Selfish People can go to any extremes through Mental Games played on Vulnerables so that They can Prey Upon them when time is suitable. 

There are lots of Registered doctors giving Fake Certificates of mental illness to Normal Humans, with borderline disease instead of treating them.

Women far exceed Men regarding Mental illnesses. Our society knows the Reasons too well.Let me say it in One Word- Property.

Some get Treated but there is nobody to take them back home.

Filmy Types have added Glamour to Mental illnesses by showing off their Fight Against Illness !

 Though Films Depict the Miserable States of Mental Patients.

Reformed Women do want to come back home but where is the home after her signatures have been made to appear on property related papers and SHE is Written Off from Her Own Belongings.

Kids Poisoned against her Mental state, Parents looking other away, siblings making Fun in group even During Funerals of senior member of The Family, in laws too look away, Neighbors whispering in Hush Hush tones, taunting in front of their servants, making their mind Conditioned too so that None of the servants is Willing to work at house ? of a Mad Woman.. 

Can Anything be Worse than this for Any Woman ?

Either she gets relocated to places like Vrindavan or---

Start something to be on her own two feet. It happened at Barelily (UP) where 2 Reformed women are Managing a Canteen. It Requires Strength of 10 and One Pure Heart to Forget Traumas inflicted by Own.to be back to Work on Own 2 feet.

Mental patients are languishing in hospitals for years,they have been cured but nobody to take them home.

They Wait endlessly to lead a Normal Life.

Supreme Court has expressed Concern on the issue and asked benevolent people to adopt such people,after PIL ( Public Interest Litigation) has been filed by an Advocate.

Reply /Order to Advocate- " We know the issue is serious but if family is not ready to take them back, what can hospitals do?

Reply to advocate who filed PIL- Go to hospital and Adopt some people.It may inspire others"

Numbers of Cured people waiting to go home-







We Are A Proud family Oriented Nation.

Are likes of KJo Listening?