Melasma is characterised by dark, brow-bluish patch over the forehead, bridge of the nose, skin over jawline. It is very common in women of age group 20-50 years, though can affect men as well. 


Sunlight exposure, hormonal changes and genetic predisposition with a family history are important factors in the development of Melasma. Pregnancy, oral contraceptive pills, hormone therapy can cause melasma development. 


Avoiding sunlight, strict sun protection with repeated application of sunscreen, use of wide brim hats, sunglasses are the measures to prevent melasma pigmentation. 


Skin lightening creams, Micro-derma abrasion, Chemical Peel Treatment, Laser treatment can reduce pigmentation in Melasma. But treatment duration is lengthy and pigmentation is notorious for recurrence. Strict sun protection plays very important role in prevention and treatment of melasma