The present belief that masturbation and semen loss is the mother of all evils; be it mental, physical or sexual is an unfortunate continuation of the anti-masturbation campaign which was started around 305 years back by a quack doctor and pornographer named John Marten from Europe. He published a pamphlet named ONANIA, which means, the heinous sin of self-pollution and described the frightful consequences of the act, giving spiritual and physical advice to those who had already injured themselves by this abominable practice. 

Can you imagine it? Whole Europe was totally unaware of human sexuality and this was received with open arms. This was the first public awareness about a new medical entity called Masturbation or Onanism. The involuntary seminal loss was called spermatorrhoea. This was considered as a revolution, starting a campaign to stop people practising masturbation. It lasted till mid 20th century. Another Swiss physician, Simon Tissot cemented the belief further by pathologization of masturbation by much funny logic.

India has a history of producing the best-known book centuries ago on sex- The Kamasutra which clearly tells that sex is for pleasure to be experienced as per prevailing social norms. This is a rich tribute to our rich culture which had a very positive attitude towards sex. This whole absurdity of masturbation as a disease has not originated from India. The belief that it causes many problems from hair fall to black spots to weakness to impotency has been a European fantasy. Unfortunately, we still follow and believe what these Gora Sahibs claim to be scientific. They were so obsessed with preventing people from practising masturbation that they invented some peculiar type of locks to keep the penis "under lock and key."

Please remember, masturbation is also a normal sexual activity. It can be done by self or by a partner, it can be a sole sexual activity or supplement pleasure during intercourse. You can do it by hands or by rubbing against the bed or any other means till you don't injure the penis. You don't harm your penis by holding in a particular way or applying more pressure.

Can it be a problem? Yes, it can be problematic if:

1. You don't practice it privately:

Some people find sexual pleasure by exposing their private parts or masturbating in public. It is a paraphilia called Exhibitionism. So do it in private if you want as It is a criminal offense to expose in public.

 2. You start spending too much time in masturbating and seeking sexual pleasure:

There are people who masturbate multiple times a day. Still masturbation as such is normal but they spend too much time seeking sexual pleasure while neglecting their normal expected duties. They have Hypersexuality. Sex as such will have no negative consequences, it is the associated events like getting STD from unsafe sex, losses due to the neglect of work and damage to social reputation.

3. Prefer masturbation as sole source of sexual pleasure, despite the easy availability of suitable partner:

For example, someone after marriage may not have sex with the wife but only masturbate. Such cases are found if someone has a severe performance anxiety or a fear of not being able to satisfy his partner. Many cases of non-consummation of marriage have such a problem. It can cause severe marital problem and divorce if adequate treatment is not taken. A lock showing 4 projections used to prevent masturbation. It used to be tied on penises.

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