Vikas age 21 years had started his career 1 year back. It was his first company after his college. He always had big ambitions in his mind, big dreams & a great self-motivation to do something in his life.

He was working in MNC. The company has provided him with a laptop, internet connections, mobile and other enough resources to make this young chap more and more productive.

But something was holding back Vikas. Vikas was habituated with masturbation. Even though mentally he was always self-motivated, physically his energy was always low. He felt tired all the times. Many times he uses to feel drowsy during working hours.

Easy availability of porn content on the internet was the many obstacles for Vikas to get rid of this habit. Every time he decided to quit masturbation habit he continued for 3-4 days abstinence and then again he was tempted to see porn videos which were easily followed by masturbation.

Excessive and frequent masturbation took a toll on Vikas's health. His physical energy was lost. He was always tired, dull, dizzy and drowsy. He had poor concentration. He observed from past few days he had suffered from constipation. He ejaculation time was not more than 1-2 seconds. Many times even if he touches his penis semen would come out easily. He was even finding difficulty to hold his urine. It was like absolute weakness in the penis - No erections, no control on semen ejaculation, no control on urination.

He visited my clinic in NO ENERGY state. Face wrinkled with the prematurely aged look. I took consultation, done his physical examination. Vikas accepted it was all due to his excessive masturbation habit.We counselled Vikas. Explained him the importance of semen in our body. Explained him bad effects of porn addiction. Suggested him some mental exercises to divert his mind from porn content. We prescribed him some medicines to cover up the damage that has already been done. Vikas left the clinic.

His immunity was too low. He called me late night. He said he has a mild fever with too much lethargy. I explained him cause & asked him to take first aid. Next morning he was little better. He texted me the message for the same.

He took treatment religiously. Did mind exercises very regularly. He felt positive changes in his body.

After one month he again visited our clinic. He was much much better this time. We gave him treatment for another month & then he was all OK.

He is still in touch with us. He is getting married in a month. He is very confident about his health now. Not to forget he has personally invited us to the marriage!

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