First of all, we should understand what stress is? Stress is nothing but the absence of happiness. When we learn to replace stress with happiness and positive energy then we can manage stress effectively.

Below are given some tips to replace stress with happiness

The right choice of food

The food we take has a direct impact on our mind. Hence the right choice of food is very important to have a positive impact on our mind.

Right amount of sleep

6 to 8 hours of sleep is very essential for a normal human functioning. Not more and not less.

Deep breathing exercises

Our breath has a direct control over our mind and its emotions. Hence learning deep breathing exercises and practicing it daily will help reduce stress to a greater extent.

Follow relaxation technique

Relaxation of the body, breathe and mind helps revitalize our life.

Start every day with a smile on your face.

Following one or all of the above tips will help you replace stress with happiness and lead a positive and happy life. However, professional help can help you more.