Male infertility is a common sexual problem that we hear about these days. Dealing with the problem of infertility is extremely difficult for anyone. The most common causes of male infertility include:

1) Low sperm count - only a few sperms are produced and they do not reach the egg to fertilize it

2) Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are other important reasons of male infertility

3) Stress and poor lifestyle - A healthy mind and a healthy body are essential for producing high quality sperms. Extreme mental and physical stress does not allow one to enjoy good sex and thus results in infertility. 

4) Constant use or exposure to chemicals

Infertility is curable!

There are many who end up thinking that infertility is like a life sentence, and can not be cured. However, just get rid of such thoughts as the condition is very much treatable. There are different treatment methods which infertility clinics offer to couples looking forward to conceive. Some of these treatment methods are tested as well as proven delivering assured results. The hormone replacement therapy is one of the most effective ways for increasing sperm counts. However, several other issues might be un-treatable including exposure to toxic chemicals, injury or illness. Therefore, you can seek the services offered by clinics and overcome the problem of infertility.

Besides consulting a sexologist expert, a lot can be done as a part of daily routine to improve the sperm count of men. Some quick tips are - 

  • Regular exercise
  • Proper and healthy diet
  • Cessation of lifestyle choices such as alcohol use
  • Smoking and drinking
  • Reducing stress

There is no denying that following healthy lifestyle habits can improve your sex life manifold. However it is important to consult a sexologist before undertaking any kind of treatment.