Obesity is considered to be the most prominent reason behind both female and male fertility problems. Now, it has been scientifically proven by a group of researchers in Denmark, that children may inherit obesity from their parents, especially from the father. A thorough research was carried out involving 13 obese men and 10 men having normal weight. Their sperms were analysed to study how they would transfer their trait to their offspring. This information is termed as “epigenetic” or the marker that determine the activation of different genes. Roman Barres of the University of Copenhagen, along with his colleagues came across 9000 epigenetic variations found in the samples of the obese and the lean men. 300 of these were linked to the eating habits and behavior.

The study was published in the Cell Metabolism journal, established the fact that fat fathers will pass on their obesity trait to their future children. However, if you are already into a weight loss regime, then there are chances that things will be better. Men having normal body weight are not only less susceptible to male fertility problems but also have healthy kids. The researchers separated six men who underwent bariatric surgery. They found that about 5000 structural change happening in their sperm cell DNA within a year of the treatment. Nearly all these changes happened in the genetic location that is believed to control the appetite. So, losing weight before planning a baby will definitely solve numerous problems. It will not only cut off male fertility problems but also guarantees hale and hearty offspring.

Women are often advised to maintain their weight before they plan a baby. This is essential when it comes to proper and timely conception or the health of the baby. But now it is not only the mother, the fathers- to-be must also check out for their weight before they actual plan a family. Barres and his colleague are hopeful that this research will actually lead to the change in the preconception behaviors of parents-to-be, especially the father. This on its turn will bring down the percentage of male fertility problems as well.