Main Points for Corrective Exercise for Good Posture

 Many corrective exercise programs believe in activating the underactive tissues before actually integrating the body to move as a whole. The problems with this scenario are that no muscle works in isolation, especially if we are looking to implement functionality.  A great example of this is indicative by how most corrective exercise specialists would correct the problem of scapular elevation.  It is quite common to find people who have elevated scapulas in our culture.  The common logic in most corrective exercise specialists’ mind is to do the exact opposite movement in a place of the body from the movement that is currently causing damage.   

In the scenario of excessive scapular elevation, in their logic, scapular depression would be the fix.  This is when you might see an experienced corrective exercise specialist doing depressions with a pulley as a way to counteract the elevation.  The problem with this kind of logic is that the reason the scapulae is elevated in the first place has nothing to do with depression in isolation.  

It has to deal more with the structures beneath the scapulae not providing a base of support to work from.  It has to do with kyphotic spinal patterns in the thoracic, which are brought on by lordotic patterns in the lumbo-pelvic region.  Since the spinal structures in the thoracic spine are not capable of functional recruitment, the structures of the scapulae then go into elevation as a response.  

This indicates that an excessive scapular elevation can only be corrected through the integrated structural application of corrective exercise  Muscles only operate efficiently in proper arthrokinematic positioning. Therefore being in neutral position is the only way you will be able to achieve correct muscular activation and association. 

If the pelvis is anteriorly rotated there is no way the gluteus maximus and pelvic floor muscles are able to stabilize and engage correctly, thus causing compensation in every movement. When your body is in optimal position, you will not have to worry about activating a muscle in isolation to eliminate compensation. Your body will have a natural inclination to move correctly when all the muscles and movement systems are in efficient length/tension relationships.