This is another patient with "less number of eggs" who conceived NATURALLY without any treatment. 

The couple had been trying for pregnancy for 6 months. The reports showed AMH 0.05. Her age is 32. All other reports were normal. We checked AFC (Antral Follicular Count) which was borderline. They were anxious about the AMH. We said, "We treat the patients, we do NOT treat a report".

As her age is low, we gave her DHEA tablets and asked them to try for another 3 months. We wanted to avoid any UNNECESSARY treatment. We also explained that the role of DHEA is doubtful in improving the condition of the eggs but does not seem to have major side effects.

Today, she came to our clinic, Initially, we thought she came for starting treatment (Ovulation Induction). But to our surprise, the pregnancy test was POSITIVE. 

Low AMH does NOT ALWAYS mean, you need IVF. 

We have to see age, duration of trying, sperms, Fallopian tubes and Condition of the Ovaries. The MOST IMPORTANT factor is AGE. If age is low and other factors are favourable you can try all other treatment options like natural trying, Ovulation Induction (OI- Trying after taking medicine for Ovulation) and IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) before jumping into IVF (in Vitro Fertilization). DHEA can be added after discussion with the couples.

However, if age is on the higher side, duration of infertility is long, sperm condition is poor, fallopian tubes are not OK, AFC or FSH are abnormal, then you have to think of IVF soon.