As the famous proverb says,"slow and steady wins the race", proves no exception in weight loss.

-- We lack in succeeding our weight loss goals as we set unrealistic goals for ourselves.

To be true, there is no overnight magic to transform our body. Going for crash diet for instant weight loss will definitely ensure that weight bounces back rapidly and pile up even more kilos.

So set long-term weight loss target which is more realistic and permanent.

So set gradual weight loss target for your self for example

  • Divert your attention towards ensuring that you are able to climb stairs without feeling breathless or get off your diabetes or hypertension medicines.
  • Eat every two hours: break up your three meals into 6-8 meals this will tremendously help in improving your BMR.

  • Have a balanced diet: follow all kinds of foods including rice, pasta, bread, mangoes, and even weekly indulgence. (If you are maintaining your weight) . So that you don't free deprived.

  • Make Exercise a habit: Make exercise a must in your lifestyle as your lifestyle depends heavily on you.
  • Takes stair instead of the elevator, walking over to your colleagues instead of emailing them and basically strategizing. Your activity to suit your lifestyle. It's your day, it's your life make most of it.
  • If you don't have full one hour to spare for exercise than break up. Your 60 minutes daily exercise routine into two 30 minutes slots, three 20 minutes. One or even four 15 minutes one.