Many of us dont have habit of rinsing our mouth after we eat anything .We seldom pay attention to the oral hygiene in day to day life. In our normal health we are able to digest certain food components at basic level due to salivary amylase -an enzyme and various other enzymes secreted by salivary glands.However remaining food can be digested only when it proceeds ahead in digestive system.However if food accumulates in mouth and on teeth, there is decomposition after the food gets trapped in cavities of teeth . Many times a plaque accumulates on the surface of the teeth that is bacterial supernumbering the food particles.If neglected ,then it hardens to form tartar.


Hence it is necessary to understand look what the food does in your mouth if it accumulates and if it is not removed or teeth and oral cavity is not cleaned thoroughly. It is well said that prevention is better than cure.So maintaining good oral hygiene is best option by thoroughly following prophylaxis of teeth brushing, flossing, mouth gargling with a suitable mouthwash, getting the teeth professionally examined for any caries 


Nowadays we prefer eating fast food. now look what this food does in the mouth.since this type of food contains more amount of indigestible content, there is lack of proper enzyme secretion in mouth. as a result of poor digestion ,there is increase in gastric secretion , regurgitation of acid into mouth in acidity, as a result there is slow process of erosion of the teeth and teeth become sensitive! so fast food is not good in long run!


Fibrous food does help in cleaning oral cavity by its churning action .So is the abrasive action of the raw food.This abrasive action is in fact used in teeth cleaning prophylaxis .


So a diet balanced with proper nature of food ingredients is essential in maintaining good oral hygiene. so everytime we eat food we should look what food does on teeth!!