Primary teeth start erupting by the age of six months and by the time kids are two and half years they have 20 deciduous teeth. Generally, parents tend to ignore the milky teeth and they will shed off ultimately forgetting the fact that these lil pearlies act as space maintainers and guide the eruption of permanent teeth. So proper brushing technique with a fluoridated toothpaste and regular dental checkup pays in long-term benefit of children. If we see carious teeth, mal-aligned teeth, crowding in teeth, impaired jaw growth then we should immediately visit an orthodontist. A visit between the age of 6 to 7 to an orthodontist is very important to ensure proper eruption and growth problems and to prevent future malocclusion from developing. Parents should act as role model for kids and themselves take initiative for two times brushing and flossing. Habits such as thumb sucking and lip biting should be addressed immediately after the age of 3 years as these lead to impaired jaw growth and forwardly placed upper jaw and retruded lower jaw. In short, proper care of primary teeth will ensure the eruption of healthy permanent teeth. So parents should not ignore to properly take care of lil pearlies and visit a dentist for regular check up and consultation. Parents with their conscious efforts and care, act a guiding light so that our lil munchkins blossom like flowers.                                             

Dr Nidhi Agarwal