Lifestyle is a set of attitudes, habits, or possessions associated with a particular person. Lifestyle is related with the things, what a person dose in his daily routine. Lifestyle is related to what a person eats? How a person thinks? What a person dose for his well-being? And what is a person’s daily routine? Lifestyle has a very large effect on every once physical and mental health. We will se how lifestyle effects out body.

Our body is a complicated machine. It is completely dependent on the nature for its nourishment. As we work daily and do our daily routine, our body elements have to face ware and tear. This ware and tear is to be replaced by good quality and quantity of the body elements. If these body elements are replaced by good quality and quantity then our body elements become healthy and no week loops are left in our body. But if these body elements are not replaced by good quality and quantity week loops are left in our body and that part starts creating stress in our body.This is the start of stress.

Our body consists of following basic body elements:-

1. Lymph
2. Blood
3. Muscle
4. Fat
5. Bone
6. Bone marrow

Further they are classified in Proteins, carbohydrates, Fats and etc.

We have different factories in our body to create these elements. Each factory has to be provided with good raw material to produce the good product. All the process in the factory should run in proper manner. Proper energy should be provided to each part of the factory to run the mechanism in proper way and all the waste products should be thrown out after the formation of the good product. If this process of formation of all elements is in proper way then only the healthy product is formed and when it is supplied to the proper place by proper way then only the body gets nourished in proper manner. If there is any problem in the process coordination between these elements is disturbed and our body starts generating stress in the body. As body and mind are related to each other stress effects on both mind and body. It is also seen that if mind is disturbed then it affects the body.

Due to our existing eating pattern, working pattern which we say is our existing lifestyle our mechanism of digestion is disturbed. Due to this disturbed mechanism of digestion, forming of our body elements is also disturbed. Due to this nourishment of our body is not done and it creates week elements our body due to which our immunity system gets disturbed and person gets infection very easily. Due to decreased immunity, our body is not able to fight against the infection ,so we have to rush for a course of antibiotics. Further it also creates deficiency in our body and we have to take support various iron, vitamins, proteins, calcium & food supplements. Due to decreased immunity various systems of our body gets affected. Where there is more deficiency of the elements in the body, the particular system gets affected and different types of diseases are caused.

By finding a correct cause and a place where the mechanism is disturbed, stress on the body and mind can be controlled. A person can regain the immunity by correction of lifestyle and there will be no necessity of supplements to be consumed. This will help a person to live a healthy and diseases free life for many long years.