The 2016 Olympics have just concluded. The contest generated lot of interest, discussion and debates. Though the results were sweet and sour, they did manage to shift eyeballs from flashy soap operas on to the shuttle cock.  A few instances and events stand out and probably there is something for us to learn from them.

  • Team work:

Leander Paes’s seventh Olympic dream did not last beyond the first round. A sour relationship with his double’s partner ensured that. Beyond the tennis court, life’s partnership will essentially survive on team work. If we have to win life’s grand slam we need to learn to work in a team.

  • Burden of Expectations:

The archery team wanted to overcome the disappointment of 2012 games. They wanted to prove themselves at the biggest stage. Perhaps they tried too hard to the extent that they even skipped the inaugural ceremony. A number of times in life we are weighed down by the burden of our own expectations. And when it becomes too great we get overwhelmed and perform below our potential.  Enjoy the efforts, the outcome will follow you.

  • Win hearts first:

Dipa Karmakar may have missed a medal, but she won our hearts. Sometimes the journey may be more beautiful than the destination. Results are not everything in life. Put your efforts to the best of your ability, the results are not in your hands.

  • Take criticism in your stride:

A noted celebrity was critical of the contingent’s efforts on twitter, early on in the games. She was proved wrong at the end. When you set out to reach your goal, there will always be criticism. Take it in your stride and move on. Eventually they will be proved wrong.

  • Life is a coach:

Success is a right mix of dedication, hardwork and luck shaped in the right direction.  PV Sindhu was the brightest star in the end. Her success is attributed to not only her skills, hardwork and dedication but also her faith she imposed in her coach. As we move ahead in life we are shaped by a number of experiences and the people we meet. But eventually an arrogance creeps in that we know everything. The day we cease to learn, we cease to exist. Life is a coach, be a student till the very end.