Therapeutic diet plays an important role in the treatment of Diabetes. The diet may be used alone or in combination with Insulin injections or oral drugs.

These are some tips to control diabetes:

  1. Avoid fried food like puree, pakora, etc. as they will be laden with calories and may lead to weight gain  and complicate the things more. steamed and grilled foods are better than fried foods.
  2. Avoid sugar, sweet drinks, colas, glucose water and ice-creams as they may increase blood glucose levels.
  3. Increase intake of fresh veggies in form of salads and soups as the fiber in them will not only take care of glucose levels but will also  protect your heart.
  4. Use skimmed, double toned milk for preparing tea or curd or low fat paneer. 
  5. Use whole pulses and whole grains like oats, daliya rather than refined ones like maida or products made up of maida like pasta, cookies, noodles etc.
  6. Decrease intake of refined oils, ghee, butter. the less you use the better it is.
  7. Fruit juices should be avoided. Whole seasonal fruits in limited amounts can be enjoyed.
  8. Don't skip meals. Take small meals at regular intervals of time to keep blood glucose levels in check
  9. Don't fast and feast . Fasting may lower blood glucose level whereas feasting will increase blood glucose level.
  10. If you are non-vegetarian then avoid mutton,organ meats. chicken or fish are better choices.
  11. Commercial and packaged food should be avoided. Tinned foods, salted chips and nut crackers contain high amount of sodium and preservatives.
  12. Go for walk on daily basis.
  13. If you have high B.P along with diabetes then control your intake of salt as well.
  14. For personalized diet chart consult a dietitian who will formulate a diet plan for you keeping in mind your individualized preferences, likes and dislikes, physical activity, schedule and medical reports.

With these li'l changes in the diet you can conquer the GIANT diabetes.