In my daily  practice as a psychotherapist  I often see couples in which one of the partners complain for lack of intimacy. What do I tell them about sex?

Sex is vitally important to our overall health, orgasm creates a rush of endorphins within the brain and couples are never closer than the moment they’ve just had sex.

Sex brings a closeness that is beyond words. It relaxes you, puts you in tune with each other, and smoother over all the everyday tribulations

Men often don t express their feelings verbally, making love is their way of showing their partner how much they love them.

Sex is a form of communication, a way of reassuring your partner that you love each other and everything is all right, even though life may be fraught with tension.

Sexual medicine expert, Dr Geoff Hackett, advises that so much can be done to bring couples back together and once they rediscover their sex life it is extraordinary how quickly many other issues are resolved.

Sex is the vital component in a functioning relationship, but it doesn’t have to be incredibly frequent. A couple just need to know they have those moments of intimacy which only they share, and which bond them together.  

Happy healthy sexual life to all!